Jaguar Solingen Scissor Brand | USA Hair Scissor Brand Guide

Jaguar Solingen Scissors is among the top worldwide hairdressing scissors brands and barber shears from Germany.

Jaguar Summary

  • Made with German Steel
  • More than 50 models are on the market
  • Bevel Edge and Convex Edge Blades
  • Price Range Between $99-1000
  • Sizes: Sizes: 5", 5.5", 6", 6.5" and 7" Scissors
  • Models: Jay2, Pre Styleergo & Relax Satin and Pastell Plus

Jaguar is highly popular due to its high quality and low cost. Jaguar Solingen produces a lower-priced range of scissors, which can be purchased for between $300 and $99. Jaguar is a popular choice for barber professionals as well as hairdressers because of its wide range of sizes (from 5 to 7 inches shears to razor-sharp bevel edge blades) and versatility.

Jaguar Models

Jaguar is an absolute top choice in America due to its variety of models. Each model comes with a unique design and price to suit all hairstyle professionals and casual hairdressers. They come in Right and Left-Handed models, and have Convex and Bevel edge blades. Traditional (Opposing), Crane (Ergonomic) or Offset (Ergonomic) handles. There's also a large range of steel which can be compared with Joewell, Yasaka, and Mizutani.

Let's break down the different Jaguar Scissors collections.

Jay 2

  • Price: Between $100 to 150 Per Jay2 Pair
  • Sizes are 5.5" and 6"
  • Types cutting and thinning and Sets
  • Steel: German Stainless Steel
  • Rating
  • Review - "The Jay2 Scissors were great for the money. They are typically used for training, apprenticeships as backup pairs. The Jay2 shears are razor-sharp and are suitable for long durations. But, they have to be sharpened using an American Sharpener. The scissors are suggested for use in casual situations and we rate it with a rating of 3/5 stars.
  • Where to Buy: Best Valued Jaguar Jay2 Scissors


  • Price between $150-250 per Ergo & Relax Couple
  • Sizes 5", 5.5", 6" and 6.5"
  • : Pre-Style Ergo and Pre-Style Relax
  • Types Cutting, Thinning and Sets
  • Steel - German Stainless Steel
  • Rating 1/2
  • Review Review "The Pre Style Relax and Ergo Scissors have been a hit for everyday and entry-level use. You can pick from traditional or offset ergonomics. They also come in different sizes to fit barbers and hairdressers. The pricing is very affordable. They're lightweight and comfortable to use daily, so we always recommend these to casual and apprentice hairdressers and barbers. We rate this product a 3.5/5 stars and suggest the Pre Style Ergo Scissors for ergonomic use."
  • Where to Buy: Best Priced Jaguar Pre Style Scissors

White Line

  • Price: Between $150 to 350 Per White Line Pair
  • Sizes are 5", 6" and 6.5".
  • Models: Satin, Satin Plus, Jaguart, JP10 and JP38
  • Types - Cutting, Thinning and Sets
  • Steel: German Stainless Chromium Steel
  • Rating:
  • Review. "The White Line scissors are well-known for their Jaguart (Jaguar Art), Satin (Sain and Satin plus Cutting and Thin) cutting tools for hairdressing. The materials used in this is a step up from Pre Style scissors, and the design puts more focus on being lightweight, ergonomic and more sharp blades. These are popular with barbers and professional hairdressers who need to cut hair on a regular basis. We are awestruck by the White Line Jaguar series, especially the Satin Plus. They are a excellent value and are worth every cent.
  • Where to Buy: Top-Priced Jaguar White Line Scissors

Silver Line

  • Silver Line Price Between $250 and $500 per pair
  • Sizes : 5", 5.5", 6 and 6.5"
  • Models - Grace Fame CJ4+, CJ5, PERFECT and Concave CSS
  • Types - Cutting, Thinning, and Sets
  • Steel German molybdenum-steel
  • Rating
  • Review "The Silver Line scissors should be used by serious hairdressers. The most popular blade is the Convex Edge, which is very sharp thanks to the Molybdenum-steel alloy. They are well-designed to be German hairdressing scissors and have the best value. CJ4 Offset are among the most desired pair. They will last for a long time. We rate these 4/5 stars due to sharp cutting edges and high quality steel. They are also the first models for professional barber-sharing and hairdressing.
  • Where To Purchase: Best-Priced Jaguar Silver Line Scissors

Gold Line

  • Price: Between $500 to 800 per Gold Line Pair
  • Sizes 5" to 5.5", 6" and 6.5".
  • Models: Lane, Silence, Goldwing, Xenox, Diamond E, Diamond, and Diamond E Left
  • Types Cutting and Thinning and Sets
  • Steel: German Vanadium steel
  • Rating : 1/2
  • Review - "The Gold Line Scissors is known for its Diamond and Xenox Hair Cutting Scissors. They are made from Vanadium stainless steel with convex blades. They are the most sought-after option for hairdressers and barbers. The most effective hairdressing scissors cost more than $500. This pair of scissors is unique because it features an ergonomic design that is offset and lightweight construction. They are similar to the Silver Line (White Line) and Silver Line (Silver Line). There are no differences in their price points with Silver Line. Silver Line. They are our top choice because of the high-quality of the cuts as well as the durable, ergonomic design. But, they will not be able to compete with the Silver Line's premium cost.
  • Where to Buy: Top-Priced Jaguar Gold Line Scissors

Black Line

  • Price Between $500 and 800 Per Black Line Pair
  • Sizes: 5", 5.5", 6" and 6.5"
  • Models MC Steel, Synergy Design MC Steel, and Euro Tech Design MC Steel
  • Types - Cutting, Thinning and Sets
  • Steel: German Vanadium steel
  • Rating
  • Review - "The Black Line Jaguar hairdressing tools are the most popular models Jaguar loves to display at hair conferences. The scissors demonstrate Jaguar's expertise in quality hairdressing. They cut flawlessly, they use the highest quality steel and perfect ergonomics. It's almost like you're obligated to use these and they're a work of art. We rate these 4/5 stars due to the price that is high for MC Steel and Euro Tech models. This is the exact specification the Gold Line should have had with a rough cost of between $600-800.
  • Where to buy the best price Jaguar Black Line Scissors

Jaguar History

America is the home of Jaguar barber and hairdressing for more than 30 years. The sole importer for Jaguar Scissors is Weston Imports in Sydney, NSW. Jaguar Scissors can be found in both online and retail stores throughout America. Jaguar Solingen as been making professional tools for cutting hair since 1930 and has become extremely famous since delivering top quality products to the world market since the 1980s.

Pre Style Ergo and White Line Satin are among the most sought-after Jaguar-Solingen Germany scissors. Jaguar is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to get started as a barber or hairdresser.

Your Source for Jaguar Hairdressing Shears

Jaguar is the brand to choose if you're looking for German hair cutting shears at low cost without sacrificing quality. At Scissor Hub, we carry the best range of Jaguar scissors and have been America's leading source of German hair cutting scissors for years.

Are Jaguar Shears Good?

Yes. Absolutely! German-made hair-cutting shears come with blades that last for a long time, and are sharp and durable. They are among the most popular German shears and have a a reputation for being consistent and cutting sharply.

What is the reason Ergonomic Design important?

After a long, strenuous day of standing and cutting hair your neck, arms, back, and shoulders may feel stiff. Professional hair cutting scissors are designed ergonomically to keep the neck, arms, and shoulder muscles relaxed when cutting. This provides each hair stylist a more enjoyable experience.

Tips for Cleaning Your Jaguar Scissors

If you're buying new scissors, it is possible to make them special. However, it is essential to maintain the proper care of them with care and keep them well-maintained and clean even after the novelty of being brand new wears off.

Jaguar scissors might be less expensive than German brands however they're still high-end and can last for many years when maintained properly. Even on your busiest days, it is essential to keep your Jaguar scissors clean between cuts. You can keep your scissors in tip-top shape by wiping off product and hair with a soft cloth.

Everyday oil can help maintain your Jaguar shears

Some people say you should oil hair cutting scissors weekly or even monthly. We have discovered that if you place one drop of hair-cutting oil on the front and behind the fulcrum after cleaning them, and open and close the blades, it will help remove tiny pieces of hair or buildup and keep the scissors longer.

Keep your scissors clean and sharp by doing this extra step after each work day.

Protect Your Jaguar Scissors!

You can protect your scissors to keep them sharp. The most obvious thing is to be kind to the scissors. It is important to treat them with respect and avoid throwing them around. If you throw them onto the counter, the knives can become out of alignment, preventing the knives from cutting in a straight line.

To ensure that they are not damaged or smashed by other tools, it's essential that they are stored in their cases.

Jaguar Scissors - Bringing you the best

Your shears will be a valuable tool in your arsenal if you're a hairdresser or barber. Scissor Hub is aware of this and strives for only top-quality brands. Make your best cut now, and then order your Jaguar scissors. You'll be happy for many more years with your clients!

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